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NEW CONTENT for B LINE PULSE is on the way…

B Line PULSERiders of King County Metro Transit’s new WiFi-equipped RapidRide B Line have been participating in a community-wide art project since May.

B Line PULSE, a mobile game commissioned by 4Culture and developed by Seattle-based branding and design firm Hornall Anderson for Bellevue and Redmond’s new RapidRide transit corridor, invites commuters to collaborate and create an evolving collection of digital artworks based on their real-time input – turning gameplay into data, data into art, and art into a shared connection with the community.

Using a mobile device, riders opt to respond to daily prompts based on varying weekly themes. Their responses, as well as other “unconscious” contributions such as time of day, location, and reaction speed create a unique visual representation of the specific input. These data points are then plotted together with the data of fellow riders from that day to create a “hybrid” visualization. All data is kept strictly anonymous, but participants are able to see the “pulse” of the B Line community on a given topic as it develops over the course of a day.

On Monday, September 10th, a new round of rich, fall-themed content will be introduced. Subjects will range from sports rival week (Huskies or Cougars?) to holidays (what is the best use for a pumpkin?) to politics (how much will your daily life be impacted by the outcome of the presidential election?). Registered B Line PULSE users are invited to contribute content as well by filling out the suggestion form on the project website. Ideas for weekly themes and/or questions will be worked into the game.

Other opportunities to get engaged are coming too:

Microsoft Art Collection 
B Line PULSE: A Conversation Transiting Art, Gameplay, and Community
Thursday, September 20th – 12-1pm
Microsoft Building 37/Union
16071 NE 36th Way, Redmond, WA 98052

Meet the B Line PULSE design team as they discuss their inspiration and process, the “what” and “why” of the project, and interactive media as public art at the Microsoft Redmond Main Campus, Building 37/Union.

B Line PULSE: Gameplay into Art

Thursday, October 4th – Friday, November 30th
Opening Reception: Thursday, October 4th – 6-8pm
101 Prefontaine Place South – Seattle, WA 98104

Get a taste of PULSE visualizations in 4Culture’s storefront arcade in October and November. Large format archival prints and the animated data building process will be featured on the street-side wall along heavily traversed Prefontaine.

For more information on the project and how to participate, visit www.blinepulse.com.