Historic Site(s) Specific takes over in August

Kristin Schimik, The Infinity Loop Project, Renton Mine Hoist
Kristin Schimik, The Infinity Loop Project, Renton Mine Hoist

Historic Site(s) Specific hits its stride this month

Kristin Schimik, The Infinity Loop Project, Renton Mine Hoist
Kristin Schimik, The Infinity Loop Project, Renton Mine Hoist

The Site Specific 2013 season hits its stride in August, with installations and performances taking place at historic sites throughout the county. This weekend, take in an afternoon of jazz at the Panama Hotel or visit Saar Cemetery, the final resting place for many Kent pioneers. Happening through the end of the year, Historic Site(s) Specific projects celebrate history and place and are the outcome of collaborations between historic King County sites and artists, filmmakers, writers and performers whose vision allows us to see our place in new ways. Check out the entire season on the Site Specific website. Here are the Site Specific offerings for August:

Panama Hotel Jazz with Stephen Griggs

Panama Hotel Tea Room, 605 1/2 So Main St, Seattle, 98104

August 3, 10, 24, & September 7, 14, 21

Performances at 2:00 pm

Seattle jazz artist Stephen Griggs will reinterpret Seattle’s Jazz history along Jackson Street through a series of music and spoken word performances in the Panama Hotel Tea Room.

Visit the project page. Read the blog post.


Thresholds from Bradly Gunn and Frances Nelson

Saar Pioneer Cemetery, 21100 91 St Pl S, Kent, 98031 (across from WinCo Foods parking lot)

August 4 – 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm, On-Site Reception

September 8 – 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm, On-Site Reception

August 4 – September 29, 2013, Installation open to visitors

There are currently 89 unmarked graves in Saar Cemetery, each unable to inform visitors of the individual buried there and the role they played in Kent history. Collaborative artists Frances Nelson and Bradly Gunn will give those unidentified grave sites an emblematic marker using a series of ‘thresholds,’ or doorways. These wooden armatures will each be unique and will identify resting places of Kent’s founding pioneers.

Visit the project page.


⌘ – The Infinity Loop Project from Kristin Schimik

Renton Mine Hoist Foundation, 659 Benson Rd S, Renton, 98055

August 15 – 7:00 pm, Artist talk and clay sphere making event at Renton History Museum

August 18 – September 7, Mine Hoist Foundation site open during artist’s installation

August 24 – 8 am – 8 pm, On Site Performance

This project seeks to commemorate all the living organisms which have been involved in the Renton Mine Hoist Site — from the plants that became the coal steam to the people that worked in the mine — Kristin Schimik has developed a two part performance piece. The first will involve a performer dressed in white walking through a St. John’s Arms Symbol labyrinth, breaking and molding coal and charcoal along the way. The second part is a site-specific sculpture with a loose spiral of posts connected by wire to reflect and respond to the surrounding power lines.

Visit the project page.


Kogut Butoh presents Suitcases at the NW Railway Museum

August 24 and 25, 10:30 am – 4:00 pm

Snoqualmie Depot, Northwest Railway Museum

38625 SE King Street, Snoqualmie

Entertaining, imaginative and informative, Suitcases Project is a free, all-ages continuous event from 10:30 am until 4:00 pm with alternating scenes throughout the depot and on the passenger train. Spectators will have the delightful opportunity to:

  • Observe railroad workers and passengers as they circumnavigate the depot
  • Enjoy soundscapes in the freight room
  • Meet orphans just arriving from back east on the orphan train
  • Buy a Suitcases Penny Rag for only 1₵ for news items, puzzles, and cartoons
  • Have their passbook stamped on the train by the official Suitcases conductor
  • Listen to hoboes telling their tall and true tales
  • Join in the Chapel Car’s congregation and hear an inspiring sermon

Visit the project page. Read the blog post.


Historic Site(s) Specific is the most recent incarnation of 4Culture’s innovative Site Specific program, funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the arts. A collaboration between our Arts, Heritage and Preservation programs, Historic Site(s) Specific supports individuals and groups to work collaboratively with historic sites on projects that explore and reflect the history and places of King County. These range from installation to performance to digital. All engage the public.

To learn more about the Site Specific Program visit the new websiteApplications for both Historic Sites and Historic Site(s) Specific Project Proposals are now open.