Hornall Anderson to create mobile game experience for RapidRide

Hornall Anderson

Congratulations to Seattle-based design firm Hornall Anderson on its selection to create an innovative and artistic mobile game that will explore and enhance the rider experience on the RapidRide B Line, King County’s second route of bus rapid transit. Hornall Anderson was selected from a pool of 14 King County-based game designers and teams to create a mobile game that will serve as public art for the inaugural year of B Line service in Bellevue-Redmond, a unique opportunity to deepen public understanding of the potential for games to be rich, artistic and culturally significant.

The mobile game will be accessible via personal mobile devices while onboard WiFi-enabled RapidRide buses and through broad internet access.

The Hornall Anderson team, led by interactive strategist Zak Menkel, design director Joseph King, producer Halli Thiel and developer Corey Paganucci, self-describes as “experience designers.” Committed to storytelling and innovation, the team’s everyday work and exploratory play in the Hornall Anderson Experience Lab (HAX) targets the “intersection of design, technology and the spaces we inhabit.”


Previous related projects include  “Where To?”, Seattle’s first interactive transit and amenities kiosk created to promote increased public transit usage and explore the South Lake Union neighborhood; “iLevel”, an online game experience designed to introduce 16,000 employees to a new business culture and enhance teamwork and communication; and “Shake the Sound”, an Earth Day dance party hosted on a floor that converted people’s movements into watts of electricity.

With a broad base of notable national clients, the team is excited to work with 4Culture and Metro on a project for the local community. The team plans to create an evolving, interactive artwork that will enhance the sense of community on the B Line bus experience.

Images: © 2011 Hornall Anderson, Joseph King, Halli Thiel, Zak Menkel, and Corey Paganucci – the Hornall Anderson B Line team; © 2006 Hornall Anderson, iLevel, gameplay screenshot.