I Applied. What Happens Now?

Katjana Vadeboncoeur, The Beebo Brinker Chronicles, 2011. Photo Credit: Chris Yetter

Where were you on March 14th at 4:45 pm?

Uploading your manuscript to 4Culture’s Individual Artist Projects program?
Enjoying a drink, celebrating the fact you completed your application a few hours early?
Sharing “I finished my application!” on Facebook?

If you were one of the hundreds of artists who got your application submitted, you’re probably wondering what happens now?

Katjana Vadeboncoeur, The Beebo Brinker Chronicles, 2011. Photo Credit: Chris Yetter

As soon as you finish your application, it really heats up on our end. Between now and mid-April, I spend my days transferring data, downloading files, organizing folders, creating video albums, creating image collections, printing, writing and shipping disks and boxes off to panelists.

In May, the peer review panel meets to review applications. The panel will recommend funding for the most highly ranked projects from among the applications submitted. I put together a report about the panelists funding recommendations, which is forwarded to the 4Culture Arts Advisory Committee for approval.

The Arts Advisory Committee reviews and takes formal action on the panel recommendations, then makes its recommendations to the 4Culture Board of Directors at their meeting in June. The Board of Directors is then asked to review the recommendations and hopefully, approve them as well. After this approval process, I send out letters to all applicants; letting them know if they did, or did not, receive project funding this year. Each award recipient will then work with the Program Coordinator (that’s me), to develop a contract that governs the payment of funds, which is restricted until the “public benefit” is complete.

Project elements to be supported by 4Culture, may begin in July. Award recipients are expected to initiate their project and completion of the project, is expected by December 31, 2013. I enjoy working with artists to help identify project venues, audience outreach and promotion.

Artists are encouraged to apply for other project funding to support the creation of their work. Be sure to check out our opportunities page and sign up to receive our enews, to be alerted to additional 4Culture opportunities. Finally, I hope that artists will provide me with feedback about their application experience. Let me know what worked and what didn’t. I’ll do what I can to make it easier, so you can focus on making great art.