In Color: Portable Purchase 2013

© 2012 Erin Shafkind, Engagement, Color film photograph, 16" x 16". Photo courtesy of the artist.
© 2012 Erin Shafkind, Engagement, Color film photograph, 16" x 16". Photo courtesy of the artist.

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Since the late 1970s, King County has been collecting outstanding works of art for display in county owned buildings and open spaces. The Collection is intended to enrich the county’s physical environment while celebrating its multicultural and diverse communities. It is a civic resource, rich in expression and varied art forms. While a portion of county-owned art consists of permanently sited, architecturally-integrated commissions, the Collection also contains portable works hanging (and periodically rotating) in the lobbies, courtrooms, and other interior public spaces in King County buildings.

In the fall of 2013, 4Culture, whose public art program manages the King County Public Art Collection, posted a call for the purchase of original works on paper and photographs for the Collection. This opportunity was open to studio artists living in Washington and Oregon. The theme was “COLOR” (of which an infusion was sorely needed) and submissions were restricted in size for ease of handling. The overall budget for the purchase was $50,000.

A three-person Selection Panel met late in November to review 277 applications. Panelists were: Mike Sweney, Program Manager, Art in Public Places, ArtsWA; Barbara Shaiman, independent curator and former Director of SAM Gallery; and Maureen Thomas, Project Manager with King County’s Facilities Management Division.

Thirty-seven artworks by thirty-four regional artists were selected by the panel. Of these thirty-four artists, only nine were previously represented in the Collection.

  1. Julie Alpert (Seattle, WA): Black Pattern Watercolor #21, 2013, watercolor, ink, permanent marker, colored pencil on paper.
  2. Gala Bent (Seattle, WA): Over-reactive Volcano, 2013, gouache and graphite on paper.
  3. Cynthia Camlin (Mount Vernon, WA): Vibrant Material 1, 2013, watercolor on screen print on paper.
  4. Robert Connell (Seattle, WA): Rail Crane and City, 2008, sumi ink and gouache on paper.
  5. Peter de Lory (Seattle, WA): Touch the Sky, Beartooth Pass, MT 2002, photograph: archival carbon pigment print.
  6. Carina del Rosario (Seattle, WA): Midwife’s Hands, 2011 and Manila Rooftops, 2008, two digital photographs.
  7. Garek Druss (Seattle, WA): Frequency Diagram, Octahedron (639HZ) & Hexahedron (396HZ) United, 2013, watercolor and graphite on paper.
  8. John Feodorov (Seattle, WA): Vanitas #4, 2011, print: color lithograph.
  9. Robin Green (Seattle, WA): Dressed, 2013, graphite and acrylic on yupo.
  10. Mandy Greer (Seattle, WA): Jokull Ormer Woman, 2013, photograph: archival ink jet.
  11. Dionne Haroutunian (Seattle, WA): Direction, 2011, print: archival digital & intaglio.
  12. Daniel Hawkins (Seattle, WA): Memory, 2010, photograph: archival inkjet.
  13. Blake Haygood (Seattle, WA): They Need Time to Adjust, 2013, Gouache & graphite on paper.
  14. Yuji Hiratsuka (Corvallis, OR): Wings, 2012, print: intaglio.
  15. Eva Isaksen (Lake Forest Park, WA): Sky Cluster, 2013, acrylic on paper, collage.
  16. Iskra Johnson (Seattle, WA): Duwamish 2, 2013, print: archival pigment/photo-collage.
  17. Chris Jordan (Seattle, WA): Wall of Drums, Seattle 2003, photograph: archival inkjet print.
  18. Shaun Kardinal (Seattle, WA): Inertia No. 7, 2013, paper hand embroidery, collage.
  19. Amanda Knowles (Shoreline, WA): Float II, 2012, pigment print, screen print, acrylic on paper.
  20. Hugo Ludeña (Bellevue, WA): Bailadores, 2011, photograph: chromogenic print.
  21. Janet Marcavage (Tacoma, WA): Shift, 2013 and Untitled (Orange and Magenta), 2013, two prints: screenprint.
  22. Steven Miller & Adrain Chesser (Seattle, WA): Daughters of a Patron, 2012, photograph: archival digital print.
  23. Susan Murrell (La Grande, OR): Water, from the “Island” Series, 2012, print: monotype.
  24. LeBrie Rich (Portland, OR): Landscape, 2012 and Bird, 2012, two paper collages.
  25. Stephen Rock (Seattle, WA): Bit Stream, 2013, digital print: pigmented ink on metallic paper.
  26. Erin Shafkind (Seattle, WA): Engagement, 2012, photograph: archival inkjet print.
  27. Rafael Soldi (Seattle, WA): I’m Here, You’re There, 2013, photograph: archival pigment print.
  28. Phil Stoiber (Seattle, WA): Ivory’s Rock: Bearing, 2013, print: paper lithography and chine-collé.
  29. Barbara Earl Thomas (Seattle, WA): Family in the Boat, 2012, print: linoleum cut.
  30. Liz Tran (Seattle, WA): Impossible From Below (One), 2011, ink, acrylic and graphite on paper.
  31. Joey Veltkamp (Seattle, WA): The Party’s Over…, 2012, colored pencil on paper.
  32. Claude Zervas (Seattle, WA): Q5S6, 2013, brushed ink on watercolor paper.
  33. Jennifer Zwick (Seattle, WA): Flowers and Fabric #1, 2012, photograph: archival pigment print.

We would like to express thanks to all the artists who applied to this call and also to the selection panelists for their diligent work.

To learn more about the King County Public Art Collection visit the Public Art Collection page.