July: e4c welcomes Curtis & Crowell

Parasol, video still, © 2012 Webster Crowell
Parasol, video still, © 2012 Webster Crowell


Launching July 11th, e4c will feature two videos by Seattle artists Jeffrey Curtis and Webster Crowell.

Jeffrey Curtis’ work explores the visceral nature of movement through video.  From his own experience as a dancer, Curtis is interested in nuances of movements and exploding them across space, at various speeds and on different bodies.  Originally created as a projection for a live performance, Tempo is a manipulation of momentum and suspension of movement against the dancers natural rhythm and pacing. Using three 20 sec phrases, Tempo propels the dancers across three screens, assembling, dissolving and reassembling disparate body to remake the movement and isolating fleeting moments of dance on a current of inevitable momentum.

Jeffrey Curtis is a choreographer who works with video and a video artist who works with movement. He danced in New York, then received his MFA from the University of Washington and now resides in Seattle, Washington. His work includes short films, documentaries, multi-screen installations, and projections for live performance and can be seen on Tendu/TV and as a part of the American Dance Festival Anthology DVD series. He continues to collaborate with Atlanta-based Catellier Dance Projects!, collaborating on humorous and humanistic dance theater works and curating the Dance for Reel screendance showing.

Webster Crowell’s Parasol, is a short, rotoscoped film about bicycles, dancing and speed, animated across the surface of a few thousand paper parasols. Created by hand over two years, Parasol premiered at the Film Forum Bike-in, then screened around the globe. It features local actors Sarah Harlett and Jonah Von Spreecken.

Webster Crowell is an award-winning animator and filmmaker with over 15 years professional experience. He makes complex short films and features, patiently weaving landscapes and characters in pursuit of an idealized reality. Currently Crowell is in production on Rocketmen, a live action serial adventure in seven installments featuring animated sequences and a fantastic cast. Crowell lives and works in Seattle, Washington.

Media artwork by Jeffery Curtis and Webster Crowell will join the following selected artists on e4c:

  • Eric John Olson
  • Stephanie Dodes
  • Thom Heileson
  • Erin Elyse Burns
  • Ryan Fedyk
  • Dane Picard
  • Joana Stillwell
  • Dakota Gearhart
  • Ellen Dicola
  • Zack Bent