kent museum premieres new exhibits

This last weekend, the Kent Historical Museum celebrated the opening of its two new exhibits, a permanent period room display that depicts a child’s bedroom circa 1908 and a rotating display titled “A History of Fashion.”

The children’s room display provides visitors (both young and old) a glimpse of what home life was like for children a century ago. The concept for the room was inspired by the family that first lived in the house the Museum is located in, the Bereiters, who built the house in 1908. The family had two young boys, but the display room is reflective of any child’s bedroom between the years of 1900 and 1910.

The rotating display, “A History of Fashion,” celebrates the heritage and contributions of local women. Most of the clothing, shoes and accessories on display once belonged to residents of the Kent area, from the late 19th century through the 1920s. One such artifact is a circa-1890s beaded “chatelaine,” a small bag with a chain that can clasp onto a belt, owned by a relative of early Kent mayor M. M. Morrill.

Made possible with funding from 4Culture, the period room is a new permanent exhibit, an the fashion exhibit will be up through September. For more information contact the museum at (253) 854-4330 or visit online at

Doll © 2011, courtesy of Greater Kent Historical Society