last call for game designers

RapidRide B Line mobile game



King County gameful artists and artistic game-makers, don’t miss your chance to apply to 4Culture’s Mobile Game Project for Metro’s RapidRide B Line.

If you’re an individual or part of a team that has the vision and skills to create a mobile game that will empower artful play on the bus, this one’s for you!

Check out this previous post for more information, and visit our Opportunity Listings to apply.

If you’re curious to know why games, why now? Check out this interview with Tamar Benzikry-Stern of 4Culture Public Art:

S: Briefly, what’s this project about?
T: The B Line Mobile Game Project is about creating a route-based cultural experience for commuters to engage with. It’s about innovation in public art, artistry in game-making and game-play, and the cultural significance of games and game designers.

S: Commissioning an artist to create a game as a Public Art project is a new direction for 4Culture. Can you tell me how this concept came about?
T: For each public art project, we develop a unique scope of work. We work in partnership with our County partners or consulting clients to consider the physical and social contexts each project will respond and contribute to. When developing the scope for this project with Metro, we thought about the Bellevue-Redmond corridor and the commuters that Metro is hoping to attract to the new King County RapidRide service. What kind of art might tech-savvy riders respond to on a bus?

Also, the Puget Sound is home to over 150 noteworthy game-tech companies and educational institutions that contribute to our Northwest economy and creative output.  We’re excited to engage this significant segment of the Northwest design community, as well as the local game community, in public art practice.

S: Why a game? How are games related to our culture?
T: Games are everywhere! Gamification, game-thinking, and developing modes of interaction are changing how we understand and engage with people and places. In researching this project I learned that as of 2010, 67% of American households play computer or video games, and that mobile games are slated to grow at an annual compound rate of nearly 25% through 2012.  Games are permeating our culture – because of their effectiveness, they are being analyzed and applied by schools, government agencies, humanitarian causes, businesses, and more. This project is our way to engage in this society-wide conversation, to focus on the artistry and innovation that’s possible and, with our RapidRide partners, find ways to positively contribute to the commuter experience

King County game designers, the ball’s in your court.

Play by Kliment.