last reminder to apply for funding!

If you’re an artist, arts group, heritage organization/specialist/educator, or someone needing help to rehabilitate a landmark, don’t forget to apply to 4Culture for project support – several deadlines are coming up in early March:

Landmark Rehabilitation: deadline March 3, 2010
Heritage Special Projects: deadline March 3, 2010
Heritage Cultural Education: deadline March 3, 2010
Individual Arts Projects: deadline March 10, 2010
Group Arts Projects: deadline March 17, 2010
See more upcoming opportunities on our 2010 Funding Calendar

Have questions? Click the link for each program above to:
1)    read more
2)    check out our brand new online application system
3)    contact the staff member for each program
4)    learn about our free application workshops

Also, we’re thrilled to have transitioned to an all-online application this year which has allowed us to simplify and streamline the process. Leave a comment below to let us know what you think.

© Jason Hirata, 2009 Individual Artist Project recipient has work on view at James Harris Gallery through March 27, 2010. Abstract drawings are crafted using raw pigment mixed with the sweat. “It’s a personal connection,” explains the artist, “but in an extremely literal sense.”