legal aid: artists, what do you need?

Washington Lawyers for the Arts (WLA) is looking for your input on topics for their WaLAW “brown bag” workshops. These very affordable forums offer great information to artists and lawyers alike, and most include CLE credits for lawyers who attend.

WLA is always in search of interesting topics that address the sometimes quirky problems that can come up in the art and performance world. Some issues that they speak on regularly are intellectual property, taxes, employment, copyright, contracts and many others.

Do you now, or have you ever, had a situation in your creative work that compelled you to seek the advice of a legal professional? Any topic is game. Tell WLA your story or concern, past, present or future, and if WLA helped you with an issue, they would love to tell your story in their newsletter (with your permission of course). Share your ideas, concerns, topics, and volunteer (or nominate someone else!) by e-mailing WLA.