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Lake Oswego, OR

2020-2022 Gallery Without Walls

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: Up to fifteen artists will be chosen by the Selection Committee to display in Lake Oswego. Selected artists will be awarded an honorarium of $1000.
  • Eligibility: Submissions from all emerging, mid-career, established and collaborations of artists are encouraged. We seek works of a variety of media including sculpture, new media, projections, murals and encourage proposals that engage, educate and inspire the community. Artists in the current 2019-2021 GWW exhibition are ineligible to apply.

The Arts Council of Lake Oswego is pleased to invite submissions of up to three works of art for outdoor public display in Lake Oswego’s nationally recognized, award-winning outdoor Gallery Without Walls exhibit.

Artists can submit completed works as well as proposals for new works to be completed by installation in August of 2020. Artwork will be on display throughout the downtown business district for a two-year exhibition period starting in the summer of 2020 and ending in the summer of 2022. Submissions of artwork that has been created within the last three years is highly encouraged.

More Information: static1.squarespace.com