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Tsuru for Solidarity

2021 Tsuru for Solidarity Call for Art

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: multiple $500 stipends

Tsuru for Solidarity is seeking art submissions that are inspired by or in conversation with our priorities. Please visit our website tsuruforsolidarity.org/tsuru-art and social media to learn more.

Subject areas can include but are not limited to:
– Close the Camps: Ending Child and Family Detention
– Prisons, Policing, Surveillance: Japanese American Resistance to State-Sponsored Violence
– Japanese Americans and African Americans Advancing the Movement for Reparations
– Healing Intergenerational Trauma in the Japanese American Community through healing circles, direct actions, and connecting to our legacy and histories.
– The “tsuru” (or origami crane) as a symbol of peace, hope, and solidarity
– Building Community & Solidarity
– “Being the Allies We Needed,” “Never Again Is Now,” “Stop Repeating History,” “Kodomo No Tame Ni”

Art can be pre-existing or new. Artists must be the original creators of their work.
Eligible, visual-based disciplines include: 3D, animation, architecture, ceramics, comics, craft, design, digital art, drawing, folk art, film, illustration, installation, murals, naive art, new media, painting, performance (presented in a visual art context), photography, printmaking, public art, sculpture, sound art, and social practice, traditional art, video, and VR/AR/XR.

More Information: www.tsuruforsolidarity.org