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The Evergreen State College

3D Art: Fine Metals Generalist Faculty

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: Range: $47,075-$106,116.

Full-time tenure-track equivalent faculty position starting in Fall 2024

The Evergreen State College seeks a versatile faculty-colleague to teach fine metal arts within the context of an undergraduate interdisciplinary art division and within a liberal arts curriculum. Candidates must demonstrate a strong commitment to undergraduate teaching, and expertise in fine metalworking techniques and design from traditional and contemporary contexts, including any of the following: fine metal smithing, jewelry making, design, and assemblage. Secondary teaching expertise may include any of the following: introductory, observational or design drawing; large-scale metal work; current casting technologies; other 3D or 2D media; digital design or fabricating experience or expertise in disciplines outside the visual arts.

In keeping with the College commitments to teaching, the candidate should be prepared to position fine metal arts in larger environmental, cultural, and community contexts. Experience teaching and/or working with students from underrepresented populations is also highly desirable. The successful candidate will demonstrate a strong commitment to teaching and supporting student development of diverse intellectual skills and literacies, including critical reading and writing. The candidate will also have the ability to write and speak about one’s work and the work of others is fundamental to the position, as well as a campus-wide learning objective for students.

Minimum Qualifications:
1) M.F.A. or equivalent terminal degree
2) Demonstrated experience teaching metal arts at the college level
3) Experience teaching visual analysis, visual literacy, art or craft history, visual theory
4) Demonstrated ability to work effectively with students to support and advance basic writing skills
5) Demonstrated potential for excellence teaching in an interdisciplinary context.
6) Exhibition record.

More Information: evergreen.peopleadmin.com