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8X8Photo | Call for Photographers

  • Deadline:
  • Eligibility: Registration and participation is open to all — no photography background required.

Photography exhibition and fundraiser, 8X8Photo features hundreds of 8×8-inch photographs online from talent locally, and all over the country, all available to purchase for $36 each.

Who can participate?

We have everyone from youth to adult – mixture of professional and amateur photographers!


Q: How do I enter my photographs?
A: Simple! Just complete this registration form, and upload your photos at the same time. You can submit up to 10 photographs.

Q: Do I need to drop my photos off to you?
A: No, we print your photos when they sell, and ship them directly to the buyer. You only need to register, and then expect a check in the mail for works sold one month after the show finishes.

Q: Is this online?
A: Yes, this is a program that is fully online. A sneak preview of the photographs will be available May 17th, then photographs will be available to buy from May 20th – 27th.

More Information: www.6x6nw.org