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Cheyenne, WY

Art in Public Buildings: LCCC Surbrugg Prentice Auditorium

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: The total project budget available for artwork is $63,000.00. This amount may be allocated for multiple artists/artworks or for various locations.
  • Eligibility: National

The committee is interested in interior artwork, including 2D work, wall mounted relief work, site specific installations, murals, or small sculptures. There are opportunities for artwork in the lobby area of the SPA, including at the top of the stairs leading up from the parking lot, and other wall space throughout the lobby. The committee is also specifically interested in work for the main public entrance. This includes ceiling mounted work, sculpture, or work that incorporates lighting elements. This space is visible from the exterior of the building, and is open to the interior stairs and lobby.

The committee is interested in work that reflects the SPA and the programs of the Fine Arts Building, the LCCC campus, and the broader Cheyenne community. That includes work that represents the diversity of the arts and humanities, as well as people, concepts, interests, and areas of study. The committee is also interested in work that is relevant, inclusive, and uplifting. Being connected to the Fine Arts Building, the committee is interested in work that can be instructionally helpful to the visual arts program.

The committee is particularly interested in artists who are willing to work with students during the creation and installation processes, or be willing to provide public art talks or lectures.

More Information: artist.callforentry.org