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Northwest Film Forum

Artistic Director

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: $65,000

NWFF is seeking a collaborative, visionary leader to join the team in building on NWFF’s current trajectory of being a film center and community hub which centers equity, collective action and community coalition-building as instrumental to creating and presenting film and media arts. The Artistic Director will champion the organization to leverage collective resources and build capacity for NWFF’s mission and programs. The ideal candidate will deepen community alliances and center equity in all operations.

NWFF’s growth has been marked by vibrant programs overseen by a synergistic team, increases in public attendance and visibility, deep grassroots community partnerships, an expansion of artist support systems, and an unwavering commitment to undoing systems of oppression through all of our work. As co-leader of a small but mighty organization, the Artistic Director will work intimately with the Executive Director, Managing Director and entire NWFF team to chart a dynamic course for the organization’s ongoing evolution towards a more supportive and equitable film and arts ecosystem within King County.

NWFF believes in coalition-building and horizontal models of collaboration and leadership. The candidate will be self-motivated and able to work independently as well as work in close collaboration with a larger team. All NWFF team members wear many hats and are comfortable working in a passionate, shared environment of collaborative decision-making and visioning.

More Information: nwfilmforum.org