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City of Burien

Arts-A-Glow 2023 open call for Light Art

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: Stipends are available in varying amounts, depending on art specifics
  • Eligibility: All artists or artist teams are invited to apply. New or emerging artists and artists from traditionally or currently under-resourced communities, including rural communities and communities of color, are especially encouraged to apply.

This is an open call for light-based art to be exhibited during our one-day celebration. Artists are invited to submit proposals to provide new or existing temporary illuminated artworks.

Arts-A-Glow is looking to bring a diversity of energetic experiences to the downtown, and we are looking for art that engages, inspires, and excites audiences. The emphasis of the festival is on the energy of light, spectacle, interactivity, and celebration. We are interested in both large and small-scale pieces and in pieces that create spectacle as well as those that evoke more subtle, thoughtful experiences.

Applications are open to art works in the following categories: Projection Mapping, Light based art installations or sculptures, Interactive installations involving light, Video content for publicly placed video monitors or projection screens, Light-based or related movement/dance performers.

Artwork must be illuminated in some way and must feature light prominently.

More Information: www.artsaglow.art