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Boise, ID

Artworks for Downtown Police Station

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: $30,000

The 0.85-acre property is located at 2223 W. Fairview Avenue, in downtown’s West End, and includes an existing 4,344 square-foot building which formerly served as a fast food chain, donut shop and most recently an LGBTQ+ nightclub. The artwork(s) will be located on a fence which will surround a parking lot for fleet and service vehicles. substrate horizontally. There are six locations along the fence for artwork panels. The fence infrastructure can accommodate a variety of media on panels and/or low relief sculptural elements. The artwork should complement the space and serve to highlight the unique and celebrated qualities of life in Boise and the Boise Police Department. Potential themes for the work are the services and functions of the Police Department, the history and context of the site and neighborhood, and/or various aspects of what makes Boise the most livable City in the country. The selected artist(s) will collaborate with city staff to develop site appropriate content

More Information: www.boiseartsandhistory.org