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Bellevue Arts Museum

BAM Biennial 2021: Architecture & Urban Design

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The 2021 BAM Biennial invites designers, artists, and makers of all kinds to submit proposals for an exhibition that interrogates the fields of architecture and urban design.

The events of 2020 have underlined that Western society’s assumptions around the utility and progression of the city are precisely that: only assumptions. They can be subject to the challenge of a pandemic, imperatives of long-ignored injustice, or the excessive imposition of state power. The upheavals of recent months have raised important questions about the way we think of architecture and urban design. Should sustainability and density be continually reassessed to respond appropriately to the issues of tomorrow? Are we striving to create places to live and work that aim to be harmonious, equitable, and true?

Eligibility will be limited to artists currently residing, working, or studying in the Pacific Northwest region, which for the scope of this exhibition will include Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Montana, and British Columbia. Artists may be of any age and at any level of recognition or stage in their artistic careers. Artists with a range of backgrounds and experience—emerging and established—are strongly encouraged to apply.

More Information: artist.callforentry.org