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METHOD Gallery

Call for Art 2021 at Method Gallery

  • Deadline:

METHOD is accepting submissions from individual artists in the Pacific Northwest for a solo exhibition scheduled during the 2021 exhibition calendar. Please note that METHOD Gallery solely exhibits installation art and is seeking exceptional works in this arena only.

Professional Artists (in any medium) residing in The Pacific Northwest are invited to apply (WA, OR, ID and B.C.)

Women Artists, Indigenous Artists, Artists in Communities of Color and LGBTQIA artists are strongly encouraged to apply.

Diversity in our gallery has been an important factor since we opened in 2013. Help us spread the word to these communities and encourage their applications.

Groups of artists that wish to collaborate to create one cohesive artwork (rather than a group show) are also welcome to apply.
WE WILL BE SELECTING ARTWORK THAT MOST CLEARLY ALIGNS WITH OUR GALLERY MISSION AND THAT UTILIZE NEW WORKS DEDICATED TO DEEPLY TRANSFORMING THE GALLERY SPACE FOR THE VIEWING PUBLIC. We ask all of our artists to embrace the window view as a primary exhibition experience. Please address this in your application by telling us about this vantage point (it should be an integral part of your exhibit).

More Information: www.methodgallery.com