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Call for Art: Lusio Light Festival

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: Pending grants; Lusio is offering a small stipend for selected artists.
  • Eligibility: This call for art is open to any individual artists and artist groups.

Aug 1st, 2020 Volunteer Park
Seattle, WA

The LUSIO festival features light artists from across the US incorporating their art directly into 40 acres of glorious nature for one magical evening. Thousands of people stream into Volunteer Park every year to be totally immersed in the art of light, play, and sound. This is a community festival that is built to create an abundance of happiness through the art of light and sound while giving opportunities for the light artists of the world to shine bright for one evening. Lusio runs on the sweat and creativity of our volunteers; including the curator and the artists. Lusio is a boot strapped, grass roots festival funded by the curator and the community. Lusio is exploratory in nature. We rent the entire park and utilize most it east of the Amphitheater for the festival. Installations can be set through out the park utilizing the flora as canvases and inspiration for the exhibits.

More Information: www.lusiolight.com