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City of Reno

Call for Artists – Moana Springs Community Aquatics and Fitness Center, NV

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: $525,000
  • Eligibility: Artists age 18 or older may apply as an individual or a team. Must have experience in completing outdoor/indoor public works of similar scale. Must be available for on-site visit to Reno. Eligible applicants must reside in the United States. Able to address climate specific to the site (dry, sun, heat, wind, freezing, etc)

The City of Reno is seeking artists and artist-led design teams for a large-scale public art project that comprises multiple artworks and locations for artwork. The City is looking for projects that take into consideration the history of the site and the unique characteristics of the surrounding environment.

There are multiple locations that the City is interested in commissioning artwork for including the exterior north facing facade of the building, the interior main corridor, the outdoor soaking pool area, the entrance lobby, and the surrounding grounds (exact locations to be determined). Artwork may include sculpture, suspended art, mural, relief, and artistic lighting components. The Moana Springs Community Aquatics and Fitness Center Public Art Project is an opportunity to create art across the facility and grounds that will function together with a cohesive, overarching vision.

This call for artists is looking to program 5 main areas with artwork. Each location is different and will require a unique approach. Artists and artists teams/artist-led design teams should take the following into consideration for each location:

  • Creating multiple visual angles and approaches
  • Day and night activation
  • Artwork sustainability and conservation

Selected artists/artist teams/design team will be expected to work with the community, City staff, building architects and engineers, and stakeholders to design the final artworks. The City is encouraging teams of artists or design teams to apply for this opportunity.

More Information: gcc02.safelinks.protection.outlook.com