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Summer Teaching Artist Opportunities

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Coyote Central is looking for two experienced teaching artists, one visual and one performance, for Hit the Streets 2019. Each Teaching Artist will be responsible for leading 12 experienced students, ages 13-15, through the creative process of building a polished public art piece or performance. Teaching Artists will design project proposal in advance, leaving room for youth voice and input. The project should speak to the given theme and be adaptable to variety of public venues. Visual and Performance Teaching Artists will facilitate independently but will be asked to collaborate with one another on crossover content. Each teaching artist will be supported by one mentor assistant.

Teaching Artist should have experience with…
– public art
– working with students from a diverse range of backgrounds
– working with middle-school aged youth
– providing activities that scaffold projects
– norm setting and conflict resolution
– supporting varying levels of experience with a medium among participants in a single group – managing big-picture timetables

More Information: coyotecentral.org