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City of Lynnwood Arts Commission

Community Justice Center – Public Art Project

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: $216,000, divided into $27,000 per wall segment
  • Eligibility: Open to artists or artist teams living in WA State. Artists with little or no public art experience are encouraged to apply.

Looking for up to 8 artists or artist teams to create artwork the future Community Justice Center (CJC) at the garage wall.

The CJC will house a new police, court, and jail facility with an expected completion date of late summer or early fall 2023. The Arts Commission desires that the art to be part of the greater conversation about justice and policing. We are committed to involving under-represented artists, and hearing the voices of our marginalized community members.

Total project budget is $216,000, divided into $27,000 per wall segment.

More Information: www.lynnwoodwa.gov