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The AMP: AIDS Memorial Pathway

Public Art: Community Room Artwork

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: $85,000
  • Eligibility: This call is open to regional artists, within King County or Washington State.

The AMP: AIDS Memorial Pathway seeks an artist(s) to create a permanent public artwork to be sited inside the Community Room of Capitol Hill Housing’s Station House. In alignment with The AMP Master Art Plan, The AMP will have multiple elements, each focused on different emotional and symbolic aspects. The Community Room Artwork should align with the aspect of Honoring Community Courage & Resilience, and is encouraged to recognize the ways women have been a part of the legacy of HIV/AIDS.

The Community Room will be a public space used for community gatherings and meetings. The room is visible from the sidewalk through the north bank of windows facing E John Street. The south wall and the ceiling tiles are site opportunities for art.

The Community Room Artwork will honor the individuals and groups that have fought AIDS, then and now, with a particular focus on women affected by HIV/AIDS, as caretakers, activists, leaders, and survivors. The room will be named for a prominent local woman and the artwork is funded by a female philanthropist. The Community Room Artwork should be work that can connect with multiple communities or be developed with collaboration from communities.

The room’s south side has a reinforced wall for the artwork and measures 36′- 8 3/8″ w by 9′-2″ h. Artwork may also be proposed on, or in place of, suspended ceiling tiles in the room.

Appropriate media may include mural, wall installation, photographic elements, colored/treated acoustic tiles, etc.

More Information: theamp.org