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Boise, ID

Depot Bench Neighborhood Public Art

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: $70,000
  • Eligibility: All public artists and artist teams

Boise City invites public artists to apply for an opportunity to design and fabricate public artwork(s) for the public right-of-way along Vista Avenue in the Depot Bench Neighborhood in Boise, ID. The artwork will be sited in a terraced, landscaped area along a major arterial avenue which runs through the Depot Bench Neighborhood and between the Boise Airport, I-84, Boise State University, and the downtown core. The artwork seeks to highlight and celebrate the unique and iconic features of the Depot Bench Neighborhood. There is potential for a singular artwork, a pair for a sense of entryway or gateway or for a series that spans the entire area.

More Information: www.boiseartsandhistory.org