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Cultural Space Agency

Director of Real Estate

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: $102,000, benefits, three weeks Paid Time Off, $2,000 for professional development

The Director of Real Estate is a full-time position and will oversee and execute projects in the development pipeline as well as manage the day-to-day operations of The Cultural Space Agency’s real estate portfolio. The Director will report directly to the Executive Director.
Working closely with the executive director, the Director will be responsible for the continued development and growth of the Space Agency. This director-level position is an opportunity to help develop innovative real estate and development solutions in the arts and culture sector, which will include partnerships with for-profit and non-profit developers, public/private partnerships with public agencies and philanthropy, and partnerships with arts and cultural organizations to create feasible real estate solutions.
*Pipeline Development
*Working with the Property Investments and Programming Partnerships (PIPP) Committee
*Lead Project Development and Implementation
*General Director-level Participation

Out of a deep commitment to removing barriers that have historically proven inequitable, we have intentionally omitted most of the strict requirements for a specific work history or formal training from this search. Candidates should recognize the highly specialized nature of this work and the limited capacity of the organization to provide extensive training.

More Information: culturalspace.agency