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North Seattle College

Instruction and Lab Support Technician – 2-D Studio Arts

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: $21/hr
  • Eligibility: High school graduation or GED and one year of full-time experience/training in the studio arts.

Provides instructional support services specific to the studio arts program by preparing materials and equipment for faculty and assisting students as directed outside the formal classroom. The technician has specific responsibility to communicate with all 2D art faculty (drawing, painting, printmaking, letterpress/book arts, digital photography and digital art) in a continual and timely manner regarding the needs of the program.

The technician will monitor some open studios and/or train student monitors and to maintain instructional facilities. Additional duties include the ordering and inventory of materials, tools, and equipment specific to courses and for the program. The position includes assisting during special events and exhibits for the program (art and craft sales, the student show, student art otherwise exhibited on campus, and other special events). The position includes some pre-arranged in-class assistance to faculty and the continual maintenance of the general art prep room and its materials. The position will help with actualizing the growth and vision of the department. The position does not provide support to the ceramics, jewelry or the 3D studios.

Familiarity with all equipment of the 2D studios is preferred. 16 hours/week or 32 hours/pay period @ $21.00/hr. Contact Kelda.martensen@seattlecolleges.edu for full job call

More Information: northseattle.edu