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Flight – what migratory birds show us

  • Deadline:
  • Eligibility: Format requirements: Each bird should have this information on the back of the print or incorporated into the image itself: + Your representation of the bird should be the actual size of the bird + Common name of the bird and, if possible, scientific name + The bird’s migratory circuit - flyway https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flyway#Flyways + Your connection to this bird and/or to migration + Your name and any contact information you choose to add

Artists are asked to submit two or more printed impressions that represent a migratory bird from their region. One of your prints will become a template for community members, both children and adults, to augment. Workshops led by scientists and activists will be part of this process.

Mediums accepted are all two-dimensional printed works on paper – lithography, relief printing, stencils, monoprints, digital, rubbings – proofs and ghost prints accepted.

Writers can submit a short form response to the theme by filling out the online form. Where possible, we will provide artists and community members a chance to incorporate your words into a bird print, with the proper attribution.

Sound will be incorporated into the installation via QR codes, thanks to renowned ornithologist Donald Kroodsma’s interactive book, Listening to a Continent Sing: Birdsong by Bicycle from the Atlantic to the Pacific. People can contribute other content via QR codes.

More Information: docs.google.com