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Native American Consultant

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: $12,000

MOHAI seeks guidance on a strategic review of the existing internal policies and processes that guide our care and use of Native American materials as well as our representations of Native American culture in interpretive projects. In addition, we seek to establish best practices for refreshing and deepening our relationships with the Native American communities and Tribal Nations in our region.

The specific scope of work will be defined in collaboration between MOHAI and the consultant(s), appropriate for the time and funds available. We seek help reviewing our current approach and defining next steps. We anticipate that one of those steps will be defining a need for ongoing support. Rather than tell the consultant what the specific scope of work will be, MOHAI staff shares in our Call for Letters of Interest some of the questions that we are grappling with.

MOHAI is a museum with settler colonial origins, and this work has been led thus far by white staff. We recognize our limitations, are eager to do the work, and are open to being directed. In the short-term, we seek assistance reviewing our current approach and defining some next steps. We are not seeking immediate answers to the challenges listed in our Call for Letters of Interest, but rather guidance in defining the first steps forward.

Consultant Qualifications
We seek a Native American person or team with the following qualifications:
• Knowledge of local Native American history
• Knowledge of current Tribal Nations and communities and culturally appropriate protocols
• Understanding of ethical museum collections practices specific to regional Native American culture
• Broad understanding of museum exhibit development processes

Please see our website for full details.

More Information: mohai.org