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New Orleans Residencies and Publishing

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: $30 entry fee

Antenna offers two residency opportunities for Artists and Writers to produce new work in New Orleans.

The Antenna::Spillways Residency aims to develop creative feats within the greater New Orleans region, supporting ambitious works that question, transform, or expand the vibrant visual and literary culture of the area. Residents are selected based on past work, provided resources for an initial visit, and from their visit experience encouraged to develop a proposal for a project.

A limited group of projects are then selected for development, which are supported in an open ended process and given the time and resources needed for them to thrive.

The Paper Machine Publishing Residency provides funding, space, and time for artists and writers to produce a print based project during a month in New Orleans at Antenna’s center for creator publishing, Paper Machine. Residents explore the possibilities of prints, publications, or multiples, and have the time to develop a focused project on a variety of cutting edge and traditional print equipment with the assistance of Paper Machine staff.

More Information: antenna.submittable.com