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Oregon Arts Commission

Oregon Art in Public Places 2020-2022 Roster

  • Deadline:
  • Eligibility: Applicants must have successfully completed at least two permanent or temporary site-specific commissions. Professional artists living and working in the United States are eligible to apply. Non-US residents must be able to show current ability to work in the United States prior to being contracted for a project in Oregon

The Oregon Arts Commission manages the Percent for Art in Public Places Program for the State of Oregon. The roster serves as a resource for percent for art selection panels to identify artists most suitable for specific projects.

Selection panels have the option of using the roster either in combination with an open call or invitational or as the sole resource for identifying appropriate artists for a project. The roster is completely refreshed every three years. If you were selected for a previous Oregon Art in Public Places Roster you must reapply to be considered for the 2020-2022 Roster.


More Information: www.oregonartscommission.org