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Othello Square

Othello Square Art Consultant RFQ

  • Deadline:
  • Eligibility: This request for qualifications is open to all art consultants/lead artists working in or connected to Seattle, with weight given to an Othello or Rainier Valley artist connection. The scope as outlined for art management will cover a 4-5 year period, with a fee range to be 15-20% of total art budget. The total art budget has been tentatively planned for $500,000.

Othello Square, located at the southwest corner of Martin Luther King, Jr. Way South and South Othello St., is transforming an empty 3.2-acre lot in the heart of Rainier Valley, across from the Othello light rail station, into the hub of housing, services and programs for the entire community.

Othello Square is seeking an art consultant to coordinate our efforts to create art in the common areas and public plaza within the campus that builds upon the developed themes and reflects the current diverse ethnic individuals that make up the community.

Specific Tasks:

• Project Management of overall public plaza art plan and collaboration with subconsultants whose scope overlaps, including but not limited to: campus partners’ artists/consultants for their individual building artwork, public plaza landscape architect, and campus signage, wayfinding and lighting consultants
• Meetings with Development & Architect team and the community for coordination
• Management of common area and public plaza art schedule and budget
• Management of schedule and installation of all common area and public plaza art
• Management of Lead Artist (if applicable)
• Develop and vet all solicitations for common area and public plaza artists and art maintenance

More Information: www.dropbox.com