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Pendleton, OR

Pendleton Veterans Memorial Park Art Project

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: $125,000
  • Eligibility: This RFQ is open to professional artists residing in the United States who meet these qualifications: Successful completion of at least two public art installations valued at over $50,000. Experience in working as a partner with groups such as a city arts commission, city council, or similar groups. Demonstration of quality and competence in creating art with a strong concept conceptual basis. Ability to deliver and oversee installation of the work. Demonstrated ability to deliver within a given time period. Residing in the U.S. or western Canada.

The city of Pendleton, Oregon invites you to submit your qualifications for the design and installation of a public art project designed to honor our veterans, as part of the Pendleton Veterans Memorial Park project.

More Information: pendleton.or.us