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Persist, Persevere, Be

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IncuArts invites artists to submit work for Persist, Persevere, Be- an exhibition exploring ideas related to perseverance in the face of discrimination. Persecution can come in the form of discrimination based on gender, culture, race, sexual orientation, disabilities and more.

For this exhibition, we ask artists to respond to this topic. How has persecution affected you? Your work? How have you persevered? Is being an act of defiance? Is your work the proof of perseverance?

Women, BIPOC, LGBTQA+, and other community members who embody this experience are strongly encouraged to apply. Artists of all media are encouraged to apply.

Selections Announced- April 26, 2021
Exhibition Dates -May 1, – June 15, 2021
$30 ENTRY FEE- (includes a free 15 minute portfolio or application review session)
Submit up to 5 Images for $30.
Submit up to 2 videos for $30.

Mediums Accepted: Original works only, produced in the past 3 years
All artists applying for calls for entries with IncuArts Gallery will receive a FREE 15 minute portfolio or application review. Receive feedback on your work or show application. Learn how to make your exhibition applications more competitive and gain valuable insights into the selection process.

All selected artists will also be featured in a write up on our selected social media channels with over 3,000 followers.

Each artwork will be considered based upon the merit of individual images submitted by each artist.

More Information: www.incuarts.com