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Port of Seattle- SEA “D3” Concourse Restroom Renovation RFQ

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: $133,200.00
  • Eligibility: Nation-wide

The Port of Seattle’s Public Art program is seeking one (1) visual/multi-disciplinary/light artist or artist teams to submit their qualifications to be considered for this permanent art commission within Seattle Tacoma International Airport’s D Concourse. The work must also consider the aesthetic of the facility and redevelopment design. Proposed artworks must also be thoughtful in regard to long term maintenance and conservation. The work must be appropriate for public presentation considering the wide range of visitors to the airport.

There are two (2) locations within the D Concourse restroom renovations open for artworks. The estimated completion date for this project is Q4 2023. Completion of the public art commission will remain flexible and follow overall project completion.
Make sure to click on “documents” to have access to the full RFQ (including renderings).

More Information: hosting.portseattle.org