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  • Budget: 17 scholarships are now available, with $49,700 in total funding ⁣

2022/2023 heralds the largest scholarship opportunity Pratt has ever offered: 17 scholarships are now available, with $49,700 in total funding. ⁣

Reinforcing the organization’s mission of arts education access for everyone, this year’s scholarships invite artists working in glass; jewelry/metals; painting/drawing/printmaking/mixed media; and wood/stone/metal sculpture to apply for a range of learning opportunities. Some scholarships include class fees, studio access, and a stipend for material expenses.⁣

Pratt encourages artists from all backgrounds, ages and artmaking experience to explore the list of scholarships. Each scholarship lists its own specific application criteria; June 30 is the application deadline for all.⁣

More Information: www.pratt.org