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Banff Centre

Indigenous Dramaturgies Exchange

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: Financial Aid of up to 100% of tuition fee, meal and accommodation fee is available for this program.
  • Eligibility: This program is geared towards Indigenous Dramaturgies and Indigenous Theatre Artists interested in or working on land-based arts practices, and/or innovative dramaturgical processes. This opportunity offers professional development for Indigenous artists to focus on a current or upcoming project, and you are encouraged to apply with a creative partner.

Indigenous Dramaturgies Exchange offers you professional development and space for artistic exchange on a current or upcoming dramaturgy project, with a focus on on-the-land engagement as a way of locating stories.

This program provides reciprocal mentorship and community building. You are encouraged to apply with an Indigenous mentor or collaborator.

Indigenous dramaturgies; as artistic ceremony, as political resistances, and as community-building, are under studied and under supported. In this program we will discuss and explore your roles in deeper detail, with the support of faculty and with cultural facilitators for on-the-land engagement sessions.

More Information: www.banffcentre.ca