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Denver, CO

Public Art: Colorado State University System campus at National Western Center

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: $1,055,000 for eight locations, with budget ranges of up to $30,000-$400,000 per location
  • Eligibility: All artists

There are eight artwork locations designated within the project scope for artists to apply for. All facilities will be LEED Gold or higher, so art will need to be LEED-compliant. The locations are as follows (refer to IMAGES 1-2  in full RFQ). For more information, please reference the Spur Art Masterplan available at ninedotarts.com/spur-art-masterplan/.

  1. Bridge – Interior and/or Exterior – Defining Landmark of the CSU campus – uplifting, eye catching, monumental beacon. (budget: up to $400,000)
  2. Northeast Plaza and Façade of Animal Health Center – Awareness entry for the CSU campus. A transition moment in the district to an educational and experiential campus. (budget: up to $110,000)
  3. Plaza of CSU Center – A welcoming space for entry to the CSU campus. Lounging, playful, entertaining. (budget: up to $100,000)
  4. Water Building Backyard – This is where we play. All ages playground and interactive space. (budget: up to $125,000)
  5. Water Building Alley – An imaginative artwork located on the ceiling, walls, paving, etc., of the Alley between the new architecture of the Water Building and the old McConnell building. This art activates the surrounding alley and invites guests to explore. (budget: up to $140,000)
  6. Water Building Interior, Main Lobby. (budget: up to $75,000)
  7. CSU Center Ag Discovery. (budget: up to $75,000)
  8. Animal Health Center Main Lobby, recommended as Stair Activation. (budget: up to $30,000)


More Information: artist.callforentry.org