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Ogden, UT

Public Art: Grant Ave Junction Walls

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: $175,000
  • Eligibility: Resident US citizen or legal resident artists/artist teams.

The Public Art selection committee’s goal is to integrate public art on the five West facing walls of the Junction Parking structure. Each wall is roughly 30’ x 50’ and the parking structure spans two blocks.

The selection committee is seeking to commission work that is timeless and forward-thinking. Artists are welcome to propose work that is abstract in concept or may incorporate components relevant to the diversity of the Ogden community and history.

The selection committee is open to proposals for work of any media that is durable, low maintenance and weather resistant. The west facing walls will receive a significant amount of sun exposure. Artwork should have a significant presence in daylight and at night. To that end, the lighting of the artwork, or lighting that is integrated into the artwork is significant. This will further enhance the Grant Promenade at night and increase walkability.

More Information: ogdencity.com