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San Francisco Arts Commission

RFQ: Mission Creek Park Public Art Project

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: $535,000
  • Eligibility: Artists and artist teams residing in the United States are eligible.

Located in San Francisco near the Oracle Ballpark, Mission Creek Park is an open, green space sited on the north and south side of Mission Creek within the Mission Bay South Redevelopment Area. In Winter 2021/2022 construction will begin on an extension of Mission Creek Park South to create an additional 3.24 acres of recreational open space west of the Mission Creek Park Pavilion. The extension will incorporate many of the design elements already found at Mission Creek Park, including dedicated bicycling and walking paths, informal areas for sitting and gathering, and native planting. Completion of construction on the park extension is anticipated for Spring 2023.

The goals of the Mission Creek Park Public Art Project are to commission a focal sculpture, or series of smaller sculptures, that is/are inspired by and responsive to the site, including its natural and physical landscape, history, and use. The artwork should have a visual impact from a distance, yet be integrated into the landscape and appropriate to the scale of the site. The artwork may consist of durable, natural materials that are appropriate for exterior use, including metal, stone, glass, and/or wood, and may be illuminated at night.

Full details and the RFQ application are available on SFAC’s website.

More Information: www.sfartscommission.org