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University of Cincinnati

Public Art RFQ: Rock of Truth

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: $300,000
  • Eligibility: Any artist in the U.S. may apply for consideration. Applicant(s) may apply as a single artist or multi-person collaboration.

Rock of Truth will be commissioned by University of Cincinnati’s Office of Planning, Design and Construction with the financial support of Sigma Sigma Honorary Fraternity. The artwork will be located in front of UC’s College of Law on Campus Green, the primary green space on UC’s West campus. Any and all media will be considered. It will be free standing and should be appropriate for viewing by all members of the general public and the campus community.

Please submit your application requirements by email to byrda4@ucmail.uc.edu with the subject of “Rock of Truth RFQ Submission”

More Information: mailuc-my.sharepoint.com