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Burlington City Arts

RFQ: Burlington VT – Great Streets Initiative: Main Street Project

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: $500,000 for all commissioned public art works. Each artist/artist team still in consideration after the first selection phase (more fully described in full call-to-artist) will receive a $1000 honorarium to develop a final proposal.
  • Eligibility: Open to artists and artist teams who reside in the United States and who can submit a W9

Burlington City Arts is issuing a Request for Qualification from artists or artist teams for public artworks to be incorporated into the Great Streets Initiative – Main Street Project. Selected public artworks will reflect the diversity of Burlington’s residents, explore Burlington’s history, create meaningful landmarks in our built environment, and connect the people, the land, and the lake. The Main Street Project will commission multiple public artworks to be distributed across 6 newly redesigned blocks on Main Street.  Artists from all creative disciplines are encouraged to submit and assemble teams that include technical expertise and professionals that bring the skillsets needed to fabricate and install permanent artwork. Proposed public artworks may include but are not limited to stand-alone sculpture, or artwork integrated into the design of existing infrastructure such as granite curbs or storm water sites, or other amenities such as bike racks, planters, and seating. The proposed budget for all public artworks commissioned for the Main Street Project is up to $500,000. To meet the design goals for the 6 blocks, multiple public artworks of varying budgets, scale, and scope will be selected; a single work for the full budget will not be considered.

More Information: greatstreetsbtv.com