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Philadelphia Holocaust Remembrance Foundation and Mural Arts Philadelphia

RFQ: Holocaust Mural, Philadelphia, PA

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: $80,000
  • Eligibility: The artist should have a family, community or cultural connection to the Holocaust. The artist must be highly accomplished in creating two-dimensional public art, primarily murals or other types of two-dimensional work that is suitable for translation into a mural, potentially incorporating tile, mosaic or light relief. The artist should have a deep sensitivity to this topic and to the challenge of bringing this history into a new context. The artist must have experience working with stakeholder groups around a topic that has deep significance, complexity and emotional intensity; and working in the context of a civic space

Philadelphia is home to the oldest public Holocaust monument in the United States. Commissioned in the 1950s by Holocaust survivors and other Jewish community members, the Monument was erected at the head of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in 1964, at the intersection of 16th and Arch streets. The site around the Monument was redesigned in 2018 to increase public engagement and education. Several new educational installations and artifacts were added to the site and today the Memorial Plaza welcomes over 10,000 visitors each year.

We are now embarking on a roughly 18-month journey to further activate the Memorial Plaza with a new artwork that will be installed on the wall of the Verizon building at the north end of the Plaza – serving as a backdrop for the entire site and complementing the original Monument and interpretive features. Once completed, it will be the nation’s first large scale, publicly commissioned mural dedicated to Holocaust remembrance and education in a public park.

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