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Marshall County Arts & Culture Alliance

RFQ: Neighborhood Mural Project at Marshalltown, IA

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: $20,000 artist fee, including all associated costs of artist time, travel expenses, mural creation, etc. Lodging for up to 20 days and up to $1,000 for paint/materials will be provided.

The Neighborhood Mural Project will include the addition of five ~10’ X 10’ murals in Marshalltown neighborhoods that are primarily underserved, low-income and often represent high cultural diversity. Our goal is to engage individuals and families in a community building mural project to increase community connectedness and pride, while infusing beauty and vibrancy into our neighborhoods. Furthermore, we seek for the community to be the inspiration for the mural designs and be a part of the mural creation process. Although the end result of the mural is important, the process and engagement are of more significance. Ultimately, we would like the selected artist(s) to lead the way to the most successful and innovative community arts building project that is truly connecting and serving our community’s mission.

More Information: www.artsandculturealliance.org