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Rockland Residency

Winter 2020 Artist Residency

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: Free accommodations and studios
  • Eligibility: Washington and Oregon residents over 21+ years of age only. Open to writers, musicians, visual artists, ceramics and woodshop studios available, performance, social practice and other forms of art are eligible.

This 2-week residency (January 5-19,2020) will offer free accommodations and studios to three artists working as writers, musicians, visual, performance and/or social practice and more. Rockland strives to support traditionally marginalized groups and provide opportunity to dedicated artists with exceptionally strong work samples. Resumes are not required.

3 Residents will work at Rockland Woods along with ceramic and textile artist- caretaker.

Facilities include: full woodshop, ceramic studio with 2 wheels, work tables and 2 electric kilns, clean space studio, private work spaces and the Lodge with 2 large bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a kitchen. Wood stove and hot outdoor bathtub provide comfort during the cold season.

Property includes a lush 15-acre, 100-year old forest with trails, shoreline to a peaceful lake and view of Olympic Mountains.

Residents will live communally and decide on agreeable norms regarding meals, cleaning, and quiet hours.

Rockland expects its residents to use their time in any way they believe will benefit their creative process. There are no obligations tied to this opportunity.

Rockland reserves the right to remove any resident who does not provide an atmosphere of respect and safety for other residents and Rockland Woods.

More Information: rockland.submittable.com