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City of Federal Way Surface Water Division

Storm Drain ArtWalk Contest

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: $1,000 stipend
  • Eligibility: Artists 18+ who live and/or work in King County

Why storm drains?

Storm drains are a critical, yet often overlooked piece of city infrastructure. They prevent flooding by carrying rainwater away from our communities and directly in our lakes, stream, and Puget Sound. Unfortunately the rainwater that flows into them can pick up pollutants along the way, such as car oil, pesticides, or dog poop. These pollutants then end up in local waterbodies, harming plants and wildlife and impacting recreational activities.

Storm drain art is a fun, create, visual way to engage the public inconversations about stormwater, while also communicating the values of our City and reminding residents that our neighborhoods are directly connected to our streams and to Puget Sound.

Contest Details

All artwork should address at least one of the following stormwater themes:

1. Puget Sound Starts Here

2. Only Rain Down the Drain

3. Water Connects All of Us

More Information: www.cityoffederalway.com