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Arts Corps’ teaching approach is based on the model of culturally responsive pedagogy. TAs create lesson plans that allow room for flexibility while fostering the practice of artistry, imagination, critical thinking, persistence, risk-taking and reflection. Arts Corps classes typically meet on a quarterly basis, once or twice weekly for between 8-12 weeks with K-12 youth in and after school. We anticipate our work to be a mix of virtual and in-person teaching for the 2021-2022 school year. We place the safety of our faculty as the highest priority

Arts Corps teaching artists are paid on a 3-tier system depending on experience and longevity with the organization between $70-$100 per hour. Typically new teaching artists start at the Level I or Level II rate with the opportunity to be promoted. Teaching artist rates are raised by a cost of living adjustment (COLA) each year. Additionally, teaching artists are paid $40/hour for meetings, mileage, and offered monthly paid professional development opportunities ranging in topics from classroom management strategies, pedagogy, curriculum planning, race and social justice trainings, and more. Arts Corps also provides a 1% matched 401k option for part-time teaching artists and the opportunity to buy into group rate dental and accident insurance.

Ideal Team Members:
• are practicing artists in one or more disciplines
• are dedicated to helping young people expand their creative capacities
• have a love of working with youth of all backgrounds and abilities
• have experience working with K-12 youth and/or teaching arts
• are reliable and flexible artist-educators
• are committed to teaching through a social justice lens
• are culturally aware and responsive
• draw upon a range of teaching and engagement strategies in response to student needs
• are willing to join a cadre of peers to learn and grow together
• are willing to participate in self and peer evaluation
• have an interest and passion for the mission of Arts Corps’ work
• have excellent communication skills with Arts Corps office staff and community partners
• can meaningfully partner with classroom assistants and classroom teachers
• have experience teaching virtually through such platforms as Zoom, Teams, or Google Hangouts

More Information: artscorps.org