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Friends of Little Sài Gòn

Tying the Thread

  • Deadline:
  • Eligibility: Applicants must be of Vietnamese descent and/or have connections to Vietnamese culture. Applicants must reside in Western Washington.

As immigrants, refugees, and their descendants, members of the Vietnamese
community have strived to bridge connections across generations. Whether it be the
lingering weight of wartime pain, unspoken mental health struggles, loss of cultural ties.
The efforts to form that bridge have been met with difficult challenges. However, the
spirit of the Vietnamese community is resilient. Within our stories are hardships, but
also recovery, growth, and collaboration to mend the wounds of past and present to
achieve intergenerational healing.

Friends of Little Sài Gòn seeks art from up to six (6) emerging and professional artists
of Vietnamese descent to creatively express and meaningfully interpret the theme of
intergenerational healing. Selected artworks will be on display at Little Saigon Creative
for ten (10) months in 2023. Artists are welcome and encouraged to explore any aspect
of the theme that resonates with them. Aspects may include but are not limited to:
breaking mental health stigma and starting conversations about ingrained trauma that
has been perceived as normal; cultivating a chosen family for transformative
restoration; learning and seeking reconnection despite distance from your heritage or
relatives; and reclaiming or redefining your heritage and identity.

All 2D and 3D forms of art and mediums are welcomed, including: drawing, painting, mixed
media, photography, digital painting, collage, sculpture, or literary works with visual

Please read through the full Call for Art and email submissions to info@flsseattle.org.

More Information: bit.ly