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Valley Metro Light Rail

Valley Metro Light Rail Extension Public Art Project, Pheonix, AZ

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: $50,000-$300,000
  • Eligibility: Artists who live in the US, and are legally able to work in the US, are eligible.

The Capitol Extension (Capex) light rail project will run from downtown Phoenix to the Arizona Capitol Building.

The project will include a total of six station platforms, as well as two traction power substations. Substations have block walls that can accommodate 2D or 3D artwork.

Eight artists will be selected.

Budgets range from $50,000 for the substations, for emerging artists; to $300,000 for the station platforms, for established artists. Artists will apply for both opportunities.

Artists awarded a contract will coordinate with area residents and stakeholders, Design Consultants, Valley Metro staff, and the City of Phoenix.

Submittal will be evaluated by the demonstration of artistic merit in conceptual approach and technical execution; potential to create an impactful design; and experience in collaborative design work and community engagement.

More Information: gcc02.safelinks.protection.outlook.com